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MCG is currently working on a project to help water operators in our Communities assess if their water utilities are vulnerable to climate change.

But what does that mean?

It means protecting our drinking water today for our children’s tomorrow.

This program is focused on assessing three MCG Community’s water utilities and their ability to deal with, and adapt to, climate change. The Water Resource Engineer is the lead for this initiative. This has involved Community engagement, site visits, and literature reviews of current assessment tools being used. While funding only allowed for case studies of three Communities (Pictou Landing, Glooscap and Indian Brook, Sipekne’katik Band) the tool could be applied to other Communities once developed. There is currently an Advisory Committee in place that is comprised of water operators from each MCG Community. This ensures that while the case studies are in three Communities, all are involved and will be able to benefit from the research and the development of an assessment tool.