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With the hiring of a CFLC Officer at the MCG (November 2012) the MCG is now able to have a representative for member Communities at a number of industry meetings.  The CFLC communicates any/all changes to fishery related matters to Fisheries Managers and leaders of MCG’s member Communities.    In turn, these individuals are also providing guidance and feedback to the CFLC Officer to take back to industry meetings which ensures the Mi’kmaq have an active voice and thus are actively participating on important matters that directly affect their Communities on a consistent basis.  This year alone MCG’s CFLC officer has taking the lead on ensuring that the changes to DFO’s tag distribution obligations were communicated to MCG’s member Communities clearly which led to MCG acting as a Nationally recognized tag distributor to the Mi’kmaw Communities in mainland Nova Scotia.

For more information visit www.mikmawconservation.ca