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Today the Bay of Fundy Watershed, which was once so familiar, has changed due to commercial use, population growth, pollution and global warming. The Mi’kmaw Conservation group will endeavor to take on these and other challenges to fulfill their mission…

To Promote and Restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy Watershed.


Aquatic life, and specifically the Fundy Watershed, is historically significant to the Mi’kmaq. From feeding our communities healthy food, to the spiritual significance of species like the American Eel & Salmon in ceremonies and feasts, the bounty of our oceans and streams and the protection of their habitat have always been at the forefront of our minds.

Prior to European contact, Mi’kmaq travelled and lived throughout the Fundy Watershed. The environment, natural resources and waterways provided all the necessities of life. Netukulimk is a way of life; the Mi’kmaw took only what was needed and wasted nothing. It was considered an honor to receive these gifts from Mother Earth and was the foundation of the spiritual connection between the Mi’kmaq and the natural environment which has endured to this day.

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