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We are a self-sufficient Native owned and operated print communications company with particular interest and expertise in serving the First Nation community and related government agencies. Our relationship with our client-base and our understanding of aboriginal culture have helped Eastern Woodland Print Communications become the primary supplier for Native print communications or promotional needs in the Atlantic region.

Our team of professional designers, editors and production coordinators provide print communications solutions including graphic design, publication design, promotional items, and digital printing. We also facilitate offset printing through our partners in the printing industry.

We have the unique capability of creating print materials with an authentic First Nation look and feel based on experience and a well-developed understanding of the culture. Based on our strong graphic design and technical capabilities we are able to offer a diverse range of high quality products at competitive prices.Since the early days we have grown substantially in talent, expertise, and technology, and we continue to look forward to further expanding the communications capacity of Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Nation News. As a First Nation company, Eastern Woodland Print Communications supports the Native community by fostering visibility, cultural education, cross cultural understanding and positive self image for First Nations throughout Eastern Canada.