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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) refers to the physical and neurodevelopmental health problems that can occur in children from their biological mother drinking alcohol when pregnant. The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder program supports communities accessing earlier FASD diagnosis, and earlier intervention for preschool-aged children with FASD and their families. The program focuses on intervention, prevention, and capacity building/development through FASD education for women, children, and communities.

Our First Nation communities requested this funding/program and requested to be able to choose the type of FASD activity that will work best in their own community.

The FASD program has two goals:

  • To reduce the number of babies being born with FASD (prevention)
  • To help make life better for children who have FASD and their families (intervention)

The FASD program will fund activities in four areas:

  • Activities that help those in the community who may be at risk of having a baby with FASD
  • Activities that will help support parents, families, or caregivers of children with FASD
  • Activities that will help identify, assess, and diagnose children with FASD
  • Activities that will provide education or training about FASD