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The CMM Membership program assists band members with applications for registration and membership. The CMM membership clerk issues Indian Status cards within the policy and guidelines set out by the Department of Indian Affairs. All status Indians are registered through the Indian Registry. This confidential database holds information pertaining to births, marriages, divorces, transfers, name changes and deaths.

Confirmation of Indian Status is often requested for gas tax exemption, access to health benefits and distribution of band funds resulting from claims settlements or other communal revenues.

Band lists compiled by the Membership Program are used to determine voting eligibility for community leadership elections. The Membership unit is also responsible for administering community leadership elections and referendums.

Membership lists also form the basis for per-capita community funding agreements.

The CMM Community Band Information:
As of October 2014 the overall population of The CMM communities was 6,473.

Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards

AANDC is reporting that 20% of the members are not activating their new Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards. To activate your new Status Card please call 1-888-825-4338.

Please do not call the number located on the back of the card as this number is intended for service providers only.

Information Required:

  • 10 digit registration number (located on the front of the card)
  • Serial number (located on the back of the card)
  • PIN number you provided on your initial application

If you do not have your PIN, please contact the Atlantic Regional Office or your Indian Registration Administrator. Do not keep attempting to activate the card as the card will lock itself out.

Notice to Members regarding Nova Scotia Indian Fuel Tax Exemption Program:

When applying for the swipe for your Driver’s License, you must complete the Application and send it to you Band Membership Clerk. Along with your application, please supply a copy of your Driver’s License (FRONT and BACK), along with a copy of your status card. The Band Membership Clerk will sign off on your application and provide it to Service Nova Scotia NSIFTE Administrator. Please allow 5-7 business days to be process. The only way you will know your license is working once the application has been submitted is to use it at the First Nation Gas Stations.

If you are applying for an increase of Litres, you do not need to have this form signed off by the Band Membership Clerk. Please remember to include a break down on extra paper if needed, to demonstrate your need for the increase (this includes leisure use). Service Nova Scotia will notify by mail if you have been approved for the extra litres.


Theresa Leblanc

Band Membership/Indian Registration Administrator