The CMM offices are open by appointment only. All Staff contact information is available in our “staff section” of our website.

Aquatic Resources & Fisheries Management

Commercial Fisheries

With the hiring of a CFLC Officer at the MCG (November 2012) the MCG is now able to have a representative for member Communities at a number of industry meetings.  The CFLC communicates any/all changes to fishery related matters to Fisheries Managers and leaders of MCG’s member Communities.    In turn, these individuals are also providing […]

Geographic Information Systems

The GIS Technician is responsible for developing and maintaining a GIS database for use in mapping the geographic data in the Bay of Fundy Watershed.  This database is of importance to MCG for a number of reasons, however, the primary objective for MCG is to collect as much Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge with respect to sites […]

Mainland Mi’kmaq Development Tagging Initiative

Mainland Mi’kmaq Development Inc. (MMDI) was incorporated July 9th, 1991 under the Canadian Business Corporation Act. MMDI fosters economic development and business skills amongst Native Peoples. MMDI is pleased to offer commercial fishing gear tagging services to include all Commercial Fishers in Atlantic Canada; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. MMDI […]

Mi’kmaw Conservation Group

Today the Bay of Fundy Watershed, which was once so familiar, has changed due to commercial use, population growth, pollution and global warming. The Mi’kmaw Conservation group will endeavor to take on these and other challenges to fulfill their mission… To Promote and Restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy Watershed. Netukulimk […]

Research & Education

The MCG is developing programs on issues involving species-at-risk and participating in programs such as habitat restoration. Through our programs and services we help to promote Netukulimk – taking what you need today and leaving some for tomorrow – in the Bay of Fundy Watershed.     Youth Mentorship/Capacity Building     Research     […]

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