ALL CMM OFFICES ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED to the Public until April 27, 2020. Staff are working remotely, please check the contact section for staff cell phone numbers. Updates will be posted here when available.

Aquatic Resources & Fisheries Management

Angie Gillis

Associate Executive Director / Senior Director Aquatic Resources & Fisheries Management

Originally from East Bay/Eskasoni, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Angie earned her undergraduate degree from Dalhousie University in 2005 and her LL. B from the Schulich School of Law in 2009. She was called to the Nova Scotia Bar Society in June 2010. Angeline is a practicing lawyer and has worked with The Confederacy of Mainland […]

Alyx MacDonald

Operations Supervisor

Jillian Saulnier

Jr. Fisheries Field Technician

Laura Moore

Species at Risk Jr. Field Technician

Jayden Marion

Species at Risk Trainee Intern

Victoria Maxwell

Species at Risk Outreach Coordinator

Haley MacDonald

Jr. Research and Education Officer

Billy Francis

Program Manager

Mackenzie Maloney

Jr. Fisheries Field Technician

Colin Macfarlane

Fisheries Biologist

Lily Priest

Jr. Fisheries Field Technician

Martin Simon

Jr. Fisheries Field Technician

Jessica Fogarty

Communications Officer

Winter Sack

AED Assistant

Kathy McKenna

Accounts Receivable/FSC Tag Administrator

Andrew Van Wychen

GIS Specialist

Jamie Lantz

Senior Fisheries Advisor

Chelsey Campbell

Research and Spatial Planning Officer

Amanda Bayard

Fisheries Biologist

Carrie Michael

Research and Field Technician

Jillian Arany

Fisheries Biologist

Joe Beland

Senior Assistant Manager of Science

Charlie Fleming

Research and Field Technician

Alana Ransome

AFSAR Project Coordinator

Anthony King

Coastal Restoration Project Manager

Alyssa Palmer-Dixon

Nature Legacy Fund

Lauren Lawrence

Jr. Coastal Restoration Project Coordinator (Annapolis Valley Office)

Christian Francis

Coastal Restoration Project Coordinator

Seonaid MacDonell

Coastal Restoration Project Assistant

Common Services

Lynn Knockwood

Senior Director, Common Services

Lynn Knockwood has over 22 years experience working for First Nations communities in the field of finance. Lynn has been with The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM) since 1992. She has held positions as Finance Clerk and Financial Service Manager at CMM. Prior to her employment at CMM she worked with Mi’kma’ki Development Corporation Housing […]

Jacqueline MacAulay

Finance Clerk

Justin Julien

Human Resource Outreach Coordinator

Danny Penticost

Human Resource Manager

Oriana Galfi

Finance Manager
902-895-6385 ext:237

Tami Hachey

Finance Clerk
902-895-6385 ext: 251

Rebecca Page-MacDonald

Trisha Blades

Financial Clerk
902-895-6385 ext: 257

Martha Levi

Financial Advisor

Yvette Maloney

Senior Financial Clerk
902-895-6385 ext:260

Michelle Hepworth

Office Manager
902-895-6385 ext:222

Susan Cook

Senior Directors Assistant
902-895-6385 Ext 221

Community Corporate Services

Jim Hepworth

Senior Director, Community Programs & Corporate Services

Jim Hepworth has over 10 years experience working for First Nations Communities within the Atlantic Region in the field of community and economic development. He has been with The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM) since 1995. Before being selected for his position as Director of Community Programs and Corporate Services, Jim was Economic Development Officer […]

Rachel Stockdale

Jordans Principle Service Coordinator

Jenna Gloade-Chisholm

Resolution Health Support Advisor

Jolene Glenn

Jordans Principle Service Coordinator

Coral Paul

Jordans Principle Service Coordinator

Andrea Kingham

Resolution Health Support Advisor

Tiffany Brennan

Behavioural Support Advisor

Brittany Julian

Jordans Principle Case Administrator

Jodi Lambie

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator

Andrea Carroll

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator

Taylor Peters

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator

Lindsay Hunt

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator

Veronica Abraham

Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator

Courtney Henry

Diabetes Community Consultant

Katelynn MacLeod

Mental Wellness Advocate Case Manager

Krista Wardrope

Child & Youth Health Advisor FASD-NAYSPS

Katie MacEachern

Mental Wellness Team Lead

Emily Nasson

Native Hospital Interpreter

Marlene Martin

Education Advisor

Community Services & Infrastructure

Infrastructure & Community Services

Senior Director of Infrastructure and Community Services

Dale Miller

Emergency Mitigation Officer

Alexandria Organ

CMM Emergency Management Planning Officer

Trina Khattar

Community Infrastructure Program Manager

Thomas Bucher

Asset Management Coordinator

Rylan Palmer-Dixon

Community Planner & Strategic Planning Advisor

Ashley Copage

Mi’kmawey Green Communities Research & Education Officer

Allison Myatt

Mi’kmawey Green Communities Outreach and Development Officer

Keaton Fougere

Mi'kmawey Green Communities: Community Relations Officer

Alfred (JR) Young

Mi'kmawey Green Communities: Community Field Technician

Amber MacLean-Hawes

CMM Emergency Management Project Manager

Environment & Natural Resources

Ashley Childs

Senior Director of Environment and Natural Resources

Ashley is originally from Hamilton, Ontario but has always called Truro, Nova Scotia home. She currently resides in the Debert area with her two miniature dachshunds, Hugo and Scarlett, and her three cats, Molly and Little Kitty and Jasper. Ashley earned her Bachelor of Management with a Major in Environment, Society & Sustainability from Dalhousie […]

Troy Robichaud

Forestry Development Officer

Hannah Martin

Natural Resources Project Coordinator

Kara Pictou

Community Based Monitoring Coordinator

Mary Knockwood

Environmental Services Program Manager

Alexandra (Allie) Rivers

ICPA Project Coordinator

Connor Howard

Forestry Technician

Cody Chapman

Forestry Stewardship Officer/Climate Monitoring Officer

Justin Fiddes

Trail Coordinator

Erin McEntee

Mi'kmawey Green Communities: Community Relations Officer

Alex Cadel

Climate Action: Climate Change Adaptation Project Coordinator

Cheyenne MacDonald

Climate Action: Climate Adaptation Officer

Peter Steiner

Climate Action: Pollinator Project Coordinator


Senior Director of Governance

Senior Director of Governance

Merydie Ross

Tripartite Forum Project Coordinator

Theresa Leblanc

Band Membership/Indian Registration Administrator

Trevor Tracey

Specific Claims Researcher
902-895-6385 ext:273

Samantha Trites

Tripartite Forum Administrator

Denise Gloade

Tripartite Forum Administrator

Brenda Tracey

Tripartite Liaison

History & Culture

Tim Bernard

Senior Director, History & Culture

Tim Bernard is well known beyond his own community of Millbrook as the Manager/Editor of the Mi’kmaq Maliseet Nations News and Eastern Woodland Print Communications. Employed by The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM) as a Land Claims Researcher from 1988 to 1994, he gained extensive historical knowledge under the direction of Dr. Donald Julien. He […]

Mallory Moran

Curatorial Assistant
902-895-6385 ext: 276

Solange Richer-Defleche

Communications Officer

Trevor Gould

Curatorial Assistant
902-895-6385 ext: 284

Evangeline Dedam

Graphic Designer, EWPC

Stephen Logan

Graphic Designer, EWPC

Carol Busby

General Manager, EWPC & MMNN

Gerald Gloade

Mi’kmawey Debert Cross Cultural Facilitator

Sharon Farrell

Mi’kmawey Debert Curatorial Assistant
902-895-6385 ext: 283

Leah Rosenmeier

Mi’kmawey Debert Research & Interpretation Specialist
902-895-6385 ext:282

Sheila Pierro

Mi’kmawey Debert Project Administrator
902-895-6385 ext:271
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