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Economic Development

Through the Community Economic Development Opportunities (CEDO) initiative, The Economic Development Advisor administers the Community Economic Development funding for participating Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM) member bands.

The Economic Development Advisor works closely with the Mi’kmaq Project for Innovation and Collaboration (MPIC) team and other relevant stakeholders to share Economic Development information, resources and opportunities with the CMM Community Economic Development Officers (EDO’s) and other front line workers.

The Economic Development Department at CMM is committed to supporting our seven member Mi’kmaq communities in moving forward to achieving sustainable and prosperous goals.

The Economic Development Advisor currently sits as a CMM representative on the following committee’s

The Maritime Northeast Pipeline Scholarships and Bursaries and Training Fund Committee

  • In the year 2014 the Scholarship program has provided deserving students with 12 Academic Achievement Awards, 25 University Scholarships and 3 Graduate Scholarships; totaling $35,500.00 in supports to 40 First Nation Students. Since the year 2000, M&NP has awarded Scholarships and Achievement Awards totalling $290,000.000.  Since the your 2000, The Training fund has supported Community based projects throughout Nova Scotia totalling $290,000.00

Maritime Northeast Pipeline Scholarships and Bursaries and Training Fund Committee

The Tripartite Forum Economic Development Working Committee

  • The committee encourages employment/economic opportunities to enhance the living conditions of Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia. The committee develops partnerships with First Nation communities, the government and the private sector. The Economic Development Advisor also fully participates on The Mi’kmaq Economic Development Strategy Sub-Committee. 

The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs Benefits Committee

  • The Benefits committee strives to generate new wealth and employment opportunities for the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia through a concerted effort with industry and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs.

Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Developers Network (AAEDN) Executive Committee

  • AAEDN undertakes capacity building and partnership initiatives designed to build and maintain Aboriginal participation in the local, regional and national economies.

Various CMM Community based planning / project committee’s

  • Pictou Landing Strategic Planning Committee
  • Boat Harbour Clean up and Closure Committee
  • Paqtnkek SPF Committee
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