All CMM Offices are currently closed, our staff and service are available virtually. Please check our staff listing for contact information **Membership is currently only available virtually**

Aquatic Resources & Fisheries Management

Commercial Fisheries

With the hiring of a CFLC Officer at the MCG (November 2012) the MCG is now able to have a representative for member Communities at a number of industry meetings.  The CFLC communicates any/all changes to fishery related matters to Fisheries Managers and leaders of MCG’s member Communities.    In turn, these individuals are also providing […]


MCG is always happy to be out and about in Communities and looks forward to continuing to attend Community health & job fairs, fishing derbies, educational workshops, opening of facilities and other events. Look for our stories in MMNN and in the MCG quarterly newsletters on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook […]

Geographic Information Systems

The GIS Technician is responsible for developing and maintaining a GIS database for use in mapping the geographic data in the Bay of Fundy Watershed.  This database is of importance to MCG for a number of reasons, however, the primary objective for MCG is to collect as much Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge with respect to sites […]

Mainland Mi’kmaq Development Tagging Initiative

Mainland Mi’kmaq Development Inc. (MMDI) was incorporated July 9th, 1991 under the Canadian Business Corporation Act. MMDI fosters economic development and business skills amongst Native Peoples. MMDI is pleased to offer commercial fishing gear tagging services to include all Commercial Fishers in Atlantic Canada; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. MMDI […]

Mi’kmaw Conservation Group

Today the Bay of Fundy Watershed, which was once so familiar, has changed due to commercial use, population growth, pollution and global warming. The Mi’kmaw Conservation group will endeavor to take on these and other challenges to fulfill their mission… To Promote and Restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy Watershed. Netukulimk […]

Research & Education

The MCG is developing programs on issues involving species-at-risk and participating in programs such as habitat restoration. Through our programs and services we help to promote Netukulimk – taking what you need today and leaving some for tomorrow – in the Bay of Fundy Watershed.     Youth Mentorship/Capacity Building     Research     […]

Common Services

Adult Alternative Care

CMM administers contracts with Special Care Facilities throughout Nova Scotia to support First Nation Clients formerly residents on reserve.   This year CMM continues to bring the AAC program into Compliance with AANDC Funding Authorities.  CMM will continue to maintain visits to all clients, and will continue to be a bridge for guidance and support for […]


The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq is pleased to offer internal and external communications to various parts of the organization, its board and its members.  For more information on Communications services provided by the CMM, please contact us!


Since its inception in 1986, The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq has maintained a strong fiscal accountability framework. With approximately twenty funding agencies and a variety of funding arrangements, The CMM is regarded as a leader among native organizations across the country. The organization is audited annually by independent audit (Grant Thornton), and has meticulously met […]

Legal Services

Legal Services The CMM Legal Advisor provides in- house legal services to the CMM and its five affiliated entities, Mi’kmaq/Maliseet Nations News Association (MMNN), Eastern Woodland Print Communications (EWPC), Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre (MDCC), and Mainland Mi’kmaq Developments Inc. (MMDI).  The in-house Legal Advisor represents and protects the interests of the CMM and its affiliated […]

Wills & Estates

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM) continues to distribute its three Wills and Estates Publications: How to Write a Will How to Settle an Estate How to Write a Power of Attorney & Personal Directive To obtain a copy of Mi’kmaq Wills Package: For Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq contact The CMM by calling (902) 895-6385.

Community Services & Infrastructure

Environment & Natural Resources

Climate Change Adaptation Program

MCG is currently working on a project to help water operators in our Communities assess if their water utilities are vulnerable to climate change. But what does that mean? It means protecting our drinking water today for our children’s tomorrow. This program is focused on assessing three MCG Community’s water utilities and their ability to […]

Mi’kmawey Forestry Program

Mi’kmawey Forestry is a revised version of the First Nations Forestry Program that was funded by Natural Resources Canada from 1994-2011. Since then, new funding opportunities have become available to revive the program through numerous sources that include Government agencies, private industry and other non-government organizations. These organizations assist with funding the program, building capacity within […]


Membership / Elections

Click here to access forms and applications » The CMM Membership program assists band members with applications for registration and membership. The CMM membership clerk issues Indian Status cards within the policy and guidelines set out by the Department of Indian Affairs. All status Indians are registered through the Indian Registry. This confidential database holds […]

Tripartite Forum

The Mi’kmaq-Nova Scotia -Canada Tripartite Forum was formed in 1997 as a partnership between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq, the Province of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada. The Tripartite Forum aims to strengthen relationships and to resolve issues of mutual concern affecting Mi’kmaw communities. The CMM administers the Tripartite Secretariat which assists in the […]

Health Services

History & Culture

Eastern Woodland Print Communications

We are a self-sufficient Native owned and operated print communications company with particular interest and expertise in serving the First Nation community and related government agencies. Our relationship with our client-base and our understanding of aboriginal culture have helped Eastern Woodland Print Communications become the primary supplier for Native print communications or promotional needs in […]

Mi’kmaq Maliseet Nations News

The MMNN is a First Nation owned, community focused monthly newspaper with a particular expertise in Mi’kmaq culture. The objectives of the newspaper are to celebrate and lift people up/lift their spirits with an emphasis on positive stories and success stories in the Mi’kmaq community, to archive and record history, to educate, and to provide […]

Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre

Connecting with Our Past Mawitaik ta’n tett wejitaik Picture an ice-age landscape with mastodons, caribou, and giant beavers wandering over the tundra that covered Mi’kma’ki more than 11,000 years ago. Imagine communities of people who lived at the base of the Cobequid Mountains for as long as a thousand years. This begins the story of […]

Specific Claims Research

Land Claims & Research Since 1987 The CMM has investigated Aboriginal land claims for our six of our member First Nations communities. The Specific Claims Research Department currently conducts research on Specific Land Claims. Comprehensive Land Claims within Nova Scotia are currently not part of our mandate and are being addressed through the Made-in-Nova Scotia […]

Mainland Mi'kmaq Development Coorporation

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