Please note, currently, the main office of The CMM (57 Martin Cres, Millbrook) is closed due to construction. Main office services are still available during this time, all Staff’s contact information is located in our staff section or by email. Updates will be posted here when made available.


The  CMM  has  a  four  member  health  unit  consisting  of  the Senior  Director  for  Community  and  Corporate  Services,  the Health Liaison, Diabetes Community Coordinator, and Mainland Mi’kmaq Community Coordinator, FASD Project. Health programs and services at The CMM support a number of programs and initiatives at the community level and The CMM Health staff work with communities and provincial and federal system partners to remain current and progressive in addressing health service delivery to member communities. Liaison services, distribution of information, on-going communication and discussions with communities are integral to ensure The CMM is representing the needs of its membership. The health and well-being of Mi’kmaw people in Nova Scotia continues to be one of the primary concerns of  First  Nations  leadership  as  healthy  people  are  more  likely to be able to take advantage of educational and employment opportunities. Access to quality health services and programs are an integral part of supporting the overall health and well-being of individuals and families. The CMM’s focus in working with provincial and federal system partners focuses on creating and supporting opportunities for First Nations and system partners to develop strong collaborative relationships that will support access, quality care, and help resolve jurisdictional issues and misunderstandings related to First Nations access to provincially and federally funded health programs and services.

Some of the initiatives The CMM Health Unit Staff are involved in include:

  • FASD Mainland Mi’kmaq Community Coordinators Project
  • National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addictions Strategy
  • Health Services Integration Fund – Province wide – Give us Wings:   Integrating   Provincial   Mental   Health   and   Addictions Services into First Nations Community-Based Services
  • Mi’kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Health Board. The CMM representatives: i) Non Insured Health Benefits, , ii) Mental Wellness,  iii)  Public  Health  and  Primary  Care.
  • Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisor Group
  • Tripartite Health Working Group and associated sub-committees/working groups as appropriate
  • Community Early Intervention Screening Clinics in mainland Mi’kmaq communities
  • Aboriginal Continuing Care Policy Forum for Nova Scotia

The Health Advisor also works with communities to resolve health related issues as they arise and is available to assist with proposal development and act as a liaison to funding agencies and local health authorities when requested.

Native Hospital Interpreter Liaison Program (NHILP)

Navigating  the  health  care  systems  can  be  a  confusing  and complex  undertaking. The  CMM’s  Native  Hospital  Interpreters Liaison Program provides supports and services to all Atlantic First Nations and Inuit community members (and their families) who request support while receiving and/or are about to receive medical  treatment  in  the  Halifax/Dartmouth  area. Translation services (Mi’kmaq/English) are available as well and are an integral part of this service. A reprint of the 2010-11 NHILP brochures were completed in fiscal year 2011-12 and forwarded to all Atlantic First Nations community health centres and hospitals in the Halifax/Dartmouth area.   Mi’kmaw communities in Nova Scotia have indicated to The CMM that the NHILP provides valuable and excellent service to individuals and families accessing medical services and treatment in the Halifax/Dartmouth area. During 2011/12 year the NHILP provided 772 services to 207 First Nations clients.

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