Mi’kmawey Forestry Program

CMM is still involved with the Mi’kmaq Forestry Initiative (MFI). The area in question is now only about 30,000 acres and is now known as the St. Croix area. This agreement for exclusive Mi’kmaq use and management is currently still under negotiation but is hoped to be finalized by the end of fiscal year 2014 -2015.  We are also involved with similar MFI initiatives in the Annapolis and Digby county areas. The FNFP also helps to facilitate silviculture programs in our communities. We are also involved with the Black Ash recovery through AFSAR. We have commissioned the growing of 5,000 Black Ash seedlings as well as hosting an awareness workshop. CMM will also continue with the recovery process as Black Ash is now listed as threatened under the Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act and is listed as a Group 1 High Priority candidate with COSEWIC. It is expected to be listed as endangered with COSEWIC in the fall of 2014.

Wisqoq (Black Ash)

Wisqoq is a threatened species in Nova Scotia.
The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species from Asia is one of Wisqoq’s greatest threats.
We need your help to aid recovery of this important species!

Click here to learn more about Wisqoq. 

Mi’kmaw Birch Bark Canoe Builder Live Exhibit And Youth Apprenticeship Program 2017

The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage are pleased to announce the Mi’kmaw Birch Bark Canoe Builder Live Exhibit and Youth Apprentice Program with renowned Mi’kmaw artist Todd Labrador.

The program will take place over 6 weeks starting June 5th and run until July 14th,  2017 at the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre in Millbrook, NS.

The Mi’kmaq Birch Bark Canoe Builder Apprentice Program aims to allow Mi’kmaw Community youth to work alongside Mi’kmaw canoe builder and artist Todd Labrador in the creation of a traditionally made birch bark canoe. Four youth will be selected from the Mainland Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Communities to work with Todd over a six-week period at the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Center. The program will allow the youth involved to learn about traditional canoe building practices and allow the general public the view this extremely rare skill.

When completed the canoe will be put on permanent display in the lobby of the Millbrook Hampton Inn & Suites.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.


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